About Us

Own At Last is a real estate brokerage firm built to bring customer service back to the customers by setting a new bar for the customer service experience. This is a small veteran owned family business which will deliver the ultimate real estate experience. Our love for Real Estate comes from over 10 years of experience from a wide range of areas, so we deliver a wealth of real estate knowledge.  We bring innovation, chic, style, and sophistication to the marketplace, some of the reasons we’ll stand out and apart from the rest.  The Florida-based real estate brokerage is located in Central and South Florida which offers an array of real estate services, for investor portfolio, residential, commercial, leasing, and property management. Our core value will always be To deliver excellent customer service by highly skilled and personable professionals; Whom are Dedicated to making REAL ESTATE a life experience by having the client OWN THE PROCESS. 

Our Mission
The mission at Own At Last is The clients satisfaction is our ultimate goal. By committing to excellence and delivering a extra ordinary customer service experience consistently.Through understanding and fulfilling the customers real estate needs.
Our Vision
We believe in making dreams a reality through transparency and by having the customer OWN THE PROCESS.
Our Values
To treat each client as we’d like to be treated. And exceeding the clients expectations.


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